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If you like Harry Potter / Labyrinth crossover 'Fix It' stories, you might like this one (especially if you like a Manipulative!Dumbledore being put in his place).

'The Result of Things Overheard in a Schoolyard'

Harry makes a wish and someone saves him.

Because the wizarding world needs a dose of competent, protective parents who won't put up with eleven-year-olds bearing the weight of the world.
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Well, I definitely know it's spring because of the hayfever I've been getting. Luckily I have stuff to take for it.

Today is 'Force Friday II' which means new Star Wars stuffs in the shops. I had a look and bought a little figure of Rey, which can go next to my small soft toy Rey. :D Still didn't see an actual working lightsabre - a purple one would go nicely with my wardrobe. Hee.

There is a new article on about the meaning of your Patronus. Now, when I took the test, I ended up with a shrew Patronus, which made me go 'whut?' I did find an explanation of mine which said among other things - "Their deadly bite is a perfect counteract to a Dementor's Kiss". Well, OK then.
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Well, this year my birthday fell on Easter Sunday. I went out to lunch with my folks to a cafe that luckily was open. I was given some slippers, some skincare products and a butterfly pendant. Oh, and chocolate. I will catch up with some friends this week and next week.

The weather has been fine, but there's that chill in the air that warns it is autumn and will be getting colder.

I've been watching the third season of Brit crime drama 'Broadchurch', with the final episode this Sunday. I just love David Tennant in one of the lead roles, barking orders in his (natural) Scottish accent. The new season of Doctor Who started yesterday... ooh, new companion. Still miss Clara, a bit.

Will be buying DVD of 'Rogue One'. Not sure about buying one of 'Fantastic Beasts' - I loved watching it at the movies, but not quite enough to buy my own copy. I'll see.


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