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Brr, it's definitely winter now. Snow has been marching up the country and you can smell the ice in the air. It was 10 degrees today (50 deg F) and Did Not Like. Heat is fine, cold not so much for me.

I was outside the bookshop near work and smiled when I saw it had a nice geeky window display with Harry Potter and Star Wars books, bless. I saw there were some pencils with slogans on them, so I went in and bought two that said, 'Weird and Proud' and 'Knitters Gonna Knit'. Mwaha.

The new painting I'm working on is a photo of a still life of a bowl of green limes, which I'm enjoying doing. I'm also working on knitting a shawl with a geometric design - I can see it will take me a while, and the instructions look like calculus (which I never took), but I'm determined to get there.
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Well, I recently completed a new picture at my art class called 'Lantern Festival'. It's based on a photo I took at night at a Chinese Lantern Festival a few years ago. :D

When I started the painting, I was at my usual art group at the local community centre. Then the two oldest members decided not to come any more and oh, the room rental was going up. It was decided to move the group somewhere else, but that fell through and then the tutor decided the group wasn't viable anymore.


Luckily I found another art group nearby at an art gallery (a former scout hall, actually) and it's much nicer. The fees are cheaper and the facilities are great. People have their art on the walls. I have to pay a gold coin for a cup of tea, but that's ok. It was a nice place to finish my painting.


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