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Challenge #34: Dreams

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Wow, so we're really here on DW, huh? Time for a new challenge!

Last time, we had two responses to Challenge #33: Protection (I didn't quite manage to finish mine in time, she said sheepishly): Effective Immediately by [personal profile] jalenstrix  and Ahab by maq_moon. Well done!

This time, I thought we should celebrate our new platform with the prompt "Dreams". Interpret this any way you like; we all know there's a lot to work with, given it's a theme in the movie :)

We had been doing ok last year with a two-month deadline, so let's try that again, making the deadline for this challenge November 22.

Anyone can participate and here are rachael1918's pointers on formatting etc if you haven't taken part in a challenge before.

Anyone is also feel free to set the next challenge, or otherwise please feel free to suggest topics (it's easiest if you do that in the comments to this post here).

Happy writing, Labyficcers!
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My So-Called Selfish Life Kickstarter

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A documentary about choosing to be childfree in a culture where motherhood feels mandatory.

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    SPIKE: Um ... there's something I got to tell you. About showing you Riley in that place.
    SPIKE: I didn't mean to ... (long pause) Anyway, I know you're feeling all betrayed -- by him, not me.
    SPIKE: I was trying to help, you know. Not like I made him be there, after all. Actually trying to help you. Best intentions.
    SPIKE: I mean, you know, pretty state you'd be in, thinking things are all right while he's toddling halfway round the bend.
    SPIKE: Oh, I'll insult him if I want to! I'm the one who's on your side! Me! Doing you a favor! (And you, being dead petty about it -- me, getting nothing but your hatred and your venom and - you ungrateful bitch!
    SPIKE: Bitch!
    SPIKE: Buffy ... there's something I wanted to tell you.

    ~~Triangle (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 5, Episode 11)~~

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    Farter Figures hits double figures! It was a different topic for the milestone episode, as the show looks at men deciding not to be dads! I speak to two child free men who share their very different reasons and thoughts about the decision. I also discuss society's responses to child free men with Dr Bronwyn Harman from Edith Cowan University.

    Although childless households will be the norm in Australian society soon, becoming a dad and having kids is still considered the normal thing to do. Do we just need to accept everyone is different? Have a listen and decide for yourself.

    Listen here
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    JENNY: Well, another wonderful fun-filled evening.
    GILES: Uh, yes. You know, um, I will understand if you decide to start avoiding me.

    ~~School Hard ~~

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    Joanne K. Rowling – Life and Books:
    • Beatrice Grove, Literary Allusion in The Cuckoo's Calling - Part 2: Tennyson's "Ulysses".
    • Robert Galbraith's Strike to return to BBC in 2018 in Career of Evil.

    Harry Potter – Actors and Movies:
    • MinaLima, Miraphora Mina and Eduardo Lima (graphic design): Q & A: Telling Stories Through Design.

    Fantastic Beasts – Actors and Movies:
    • Everything we know about Fantastic Beasts [2] so far: Plot Hints and Cast News.

    Prompt Challenges:
    [ profile] hogwarts365 posted Prompt # 210 (due on or before September 23): "free for all" prompts for four years of [community profile] hogwarts365.
    • @introvert-club posted Wolfstar Prompt # 20: Magic Shows and Circus Theatrics

    [ profile] hp_nextgen_fest posted a reminder that submission for the Next Generation Fest are due in one month on October 16th.
    [ profile] slythindor100 announced their community affiliation with [ profile] adventchallenge.
    [ profile] sceasleycest announced the December Fest for Scorpius Malfoy and the Wesleys. Prompting is open!
    [ profile] sceasleycest announced their community affiliation with [ profile] adventchallenge.

    Masterlists and Weekly Round-ups:
    [ profile] hp_drizzle posted the Weekly Round-up Two.
    [ profile] hogwarts365 posted the Prompt # 209 Masterlist.

    Editor's Choice Rec:
    [podfic] The Evil Devil Child and the Perfect Gift read by [ profile] semperfiona, written by [ profile] who_la_hoop (Albus/Scorpius, Al/Scorpius/Draco, Harry/Scorpius, Harry/Draco | NC-17 | 1:50:27 hours)
    Summary: When Scorpius Malfoy – Legilimens-extraordinaire, perfect son and all-round kinky little bastard – discovers that his father harbours a certain fantasy involving Harry Potter, a submissive attitude and a priceless antique dining table, he sets out to make his father's dreams come true. And if succeeding in his mission involves putting up with a naked, willing Albus Severus? Well, that's a price that Scorpius will just have to pay.

    Fandom Recs:
    [ profile] toblass recced Severus Snape art (gen).
    [ profile] themightyflynn recced a Hermione Granger/Severus Snape fic (NC-17).
    [ profile] rosevalleynb recced a Petunia Evans Dursley, Harry Potter, Dudley Dursley gen fic (PG).
    [personal profile] chantefable recced a Draco Malfoy/Rose Weasley remix fic (PG-13).

    • The SS/HP Prophet from September 9 to 16.

    Archive News:
    • OTW: Transcript for the 10th Anniversary Chat with authors Christina Lauren and Catherine Roach.
    • OTW: Transcript for the 10th Anniversary Chat with authors Seanan McGuire and Martha Wells about "Fantasy and Fandom".

    • Sarah Galley wrote Harry Potter: A Beginner's Guide to Evaluating Authority. (Barnes & Noble Blog)

    [ profile] accio_hd_fics posted a search for your favourite mpreg fics.
    [community profile] daily_snitch is looking for your recs (fic, art, podfic, meta ...) for the Special Edition: Newt Scamander.

    Please send your fandom news to the Daily Snitch.

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    The child-free or childless shouldn’t have to field intrusive questions from parents

    World Childless Week was created by a British woman, Stephanie Phillips, as a way of highlighting the experiences of people who are unable to have children. Not to be confused with those who are childless by choice – the “child-free”, as some say.

    Seemingly worlds apart, they share a vexed similarity. Of course, most people each group encounters are probably just interested and kind. Less helpfully, the childless can sometimes find themselves tormented by invasive, agonising questions, while the child-free can end up being ruthlessly interrogated about the “strange” decision they’ve made.

    Read more

    This writer hits several nails on their heads in this column!
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    WILLOW: You don't know me?
    XANDER: Not a clue.
    WILLOW: But you were just all like, (imitating him) 'oh, hey.'
    XANDER: Yeah, 'cause I thought you were a girl and I'd remember, but...
    WILLOW: (grabs her breasts) Well, I am a girl! I'm ... not sure ... who I am exactly, but...
    XANDER: (yelling) Okay, why was I on the ground? And why are you all staring at me? Is this some kind of psych test? Am I getting paid for this?

    ~~Tabula Rasa~~

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    Harry Potter – Actors and Movies:
    Kenneth Branagh to Receive BAFTA’s Highest Honor

    Fantastic Beasts – Actors and Movies:
    Star Spotting: Jude Law in Bath, UK!

    HP & The Cursed Child – Actors and Movies:
    Cherrelle Skeete Talks Diversity and New Projects!

    [community profile] snape_potter: Sign up for Secret Snarry Swap through Sunday!
    [community profile] hp_darkarts: HP Horror Fest 2018
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    [community profile] interhouse_fest: LOOK AT US GO!
    [community profile] hp_halloween: Get ready for some spooky fun! ;D

    Masterlists and Weekly Round-ups:
    [profile] dramione_remix: Round 8, Week 1 Round-Up!

    Fandom Recs:
    [personal profile] rosevalleynb recced one Marcus Flint fic.
    [personal profile] reynardo recced one Severus/Hermione craft.
    [personal profile] smirkingcat recced one Ron/Severus fic.
    [personal profile] madeleone recced one Severus/Hermione fic.

    Does a Magical Education Extend Beyond Witches and Wizards?

    General Fandom News:
    Universal Orlando Resort's 2018 Celebration of Harry Potter tickets packages released

    Take a Dip into the Pensieve with New Collectibles from Running Press!
    Harry Potter, Fantastic Beasts NYCC new Funko figures of Snape, Grindelwald, Luna
    Harry Potter home décor collection from PBteen & Warner Bros. unveiled, out soon
    Pottery Barn Teen’s “Harry Potter” Line Now Available for Pre-Order!
    Bring Hogwarts Home to You with the New PBteen Collection

    [community profile] daily_snitch: looking for your recs (fic, art, podfic, meta ...) for the Special Edition: Newt Scamander.

    Community Spotlight:
    [profile] adventchallenge: announced details and a banner for 2017.

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    Sep. 15th, 2017 12:44 am

    Newsletter, Thursday 14th September

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    SPIKE: Okay, is it bigger than a breadbox?
    HARMONY: (smiling) No. Four left.
    SPIKE: So it's smaller than a breadbox.
    HARMONY: (giggling) No! Only three!
    SPIKE: (quietly annoyed) Harmony ... is it a sodding breadbox?
    HARMONY: (clapping and laughing) Yes! Oh my god! Someone's blondie bear is a twenty-question genius!

    ~~Out of My Mind ~~

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    Joanne K. Rowling:
    • J.K. Rowling “Reading, Writing, Rowling” Episode 2: “Beatrice Groves and Literary Allusion in Harry Potter”
    • J.K. Rowling BBC1 Strike: The Silkworm Episode 1
    • J.K. Rowling A Fantastic Addition to the Lumos Crowdrise Campaign Contest
    J.K. Rowling announces 2 grand prizes for Lumos' 'Fantastic Beasts' 2 set fundraiser

    Harry Potter – Actors and Movies:
    Nothing Like Four Dames! Maggie Smith to Appear in New Documentary
    Cast Round-Up: Maggie Smith’s New Documentary, Dan Radcliffe’s ‘Jungle’ Trailer & More!
    “A History of Magic” Documentary to Be Filmed!
    Why “Prisoner of Azkaban” Is Actually the Best “Harry Potter” Film

    Fantastic Beasts – Actors and Movies:
    'Fantastic Beasts' 2 Dumbledore actor Jude Law spotted near Lacock Abbey Hogwarts set
    Win a Trip to Visit the Set of “Fantastic Beasts”!

    Fandom Recs:
    [personal profile] rosevalleynb recced one Remus fic.

    [community profile] hd_prophet: Sunday 10th September 2017
    [community profile] hd_prophet: Monday Resources XXVII

    Questions Yet Unanswered: The Unsolved Mysteries of “Harry Potter”
    Weekly Vlog: Embedded Misdirection
    The Ugly Truth Regarding Veritaserum

    General Fandom News:
    Universal Orlando Resort's 5th annual A Celebration of Harry Potter set for Jan. 2018
    A Celebration of Harry Potter Returning January 2018!

    [community profile] daily_snitch: looking for your recs (fic, art, podfic, meta ...) for the Special Edition: Newt Scamander.

    Community Spotlight:
    [community profile] hp_podfic_fest: Now Posting!

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    Middle books have it tough. The intriguing setups happen in the beginning, and the satisfying conclusions happen at the end, and the rest is just the slog in between. This middle book keeps things interesting by spending half the story with Nassun, Essun's daughter, who was a complete mystery in the first book, but turns out to be more like her mother than either of them realize. It also provides more revelations about the Guardians, the stone-eaters, and the nature of the strange power contained in the obelisks. I'm excited to find out how everything comes together in the third book.
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    BUFFY: Dawn listen to me. Listen. I love you. I will *always* love you. This is the work I have to do. Tell Giles... Tell Giles I figured it out. And... I'm okay. Give my love to my friends. You have to take care of them now -- you have to take care of each other. You have to be strong. Dawn, the hardest thing in this world is to live in it. Be brave. Live. For me.

    ~~The Gift (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 5, Episode 22)~~

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    WILLOW: You really think we'd let you get away with that?
    GILES: (smiles) I was trying to avoid a scene, really.
    WILLOW: (pulling a brightly decorative 'Bon Voyage' sign out from behind her) Like we'd make a scene...
    GILES: Not you. Me.
    ANYA: Um, we, uh, brought you some lovely parting gifts. It's American. Get it? Apple pie?
    ANYA: To remind you of all the good food you won't be eating.

    ~~Bargaining (Part 1)~~

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    Recap and Discussion for 4 x 22 – The Deconstruction of Falling Stars

    This is an odd episode, to say the least.

    It begins with John and Delenn arriving back on Babylon 5 with a Just Married sign on their ship. Everyone is jubilant and partying. Londo notes that Centauri celebrate funerals while weddings are very somber occasions.

    John assures Delenn that everything will settles down and what they’ve done will endure.

    We realize that this is a video feed as it breaks up into static.

    We hear a computerized voice saying it is retrieving video records for 2262 through 3262…

    First –
    A few weeks after the end of the war, three people discuss, on ISN, John Sheridan. One thinks the ISA might succeed while one, who was a Clark supporter, says it will fail and they third says time will tell. They argue and talk over one another.

    The record ends and goes to the next one. We see the face of the viewer.

    Second –
    2362 - 100 years later
    A newscast. A discussion of John and Delenn. One panelist says they really didn’t DO anything themselves. They were simply the catalyst and others did all the work.

    There is footage of everything that went wrong on Babylon 5. We see a hostage situation and Sheridan refusing to deal with terrorists.

    After they discuss the fact that Delenn cannot be alive, she walks in and basically tells them that they overrate themselves and that John was a good man.

    Third –
    2762 – 500 years later
    We see a hologram of a conference room on Babylon 5. A man is speaking. We get the idea really quick that he is representative of a new world order, one similar to that of Orwell’s 1984. He is going to ‘deconstruct’ Delenn, Sheridan, Franklin and Garibaldi to make their images work better in this new world, where they will be made into something horrible so his regime will have an easier time when they take over.

    Oddly enough, the Garibaldi construct is a little too Garibaldi-like. They make John into a monster who kills prisoners, Franklin a mad scientist trying to create hybrids and using children to do it.

    Before he can do anything with Delenn and Garibaldi, Garinaldi acts by sending the man’s speech about deconstruction out to his opposition and the ISA supporters call an attack on the military installations where the overthrow is being planned… just so happens they are at a military base.


    Fourth –
    3262 – 1000 years later
    Monks! A monk is speaking into a recorder on the wall and someone knocks. It’s a young scribe who says he has a crisis of faith. The church in Rome will not accept them. They are tasked with record keeping since all technology was lost in the Great Burn, which was the war that Garibaldi’s construct seemed to have help start.

    The young man has trouble with believing that the Rangers will one day come to save them. Brother Alwyn tells the young man that he must have faith and reason to survive and that for all he knows, there might be Rangers among them already. The young man is satisfied and leaves.

    Brother Alwyn talks to the camera and we realize he is a Ranger walking among the people. He thinks now might be a good time to reintroduce the gasoline engine. He thinks the young man, Brother Michael, might be a good recruit.

    Finally –
    1 million years have passed
    The computer says it has gathered and archived all the records for a million years. The watcher tells the computer to carry the records to new Earth, where he will go shortly as well. It reminds him to leave soon as the sun is about to go out. He comments on the earth swallowed in fire. He says they have created the world their ancestors would have wanted and have kept the records. He then turns into a bright light and moves into an encounter suit not unlike those of the Vorlons and flies away in a ship that looks a bit like a Vorlon ship.

    Back in 2262, Sheridan wonders if they’ll be remembered. Delenn reminds him they did what they did because it was the right thing to do.


    Title card at the ending of episode: “DEDICATED TO ALL THE PEOPLE WHO PREDICTED THAT THE BABYLON PROJECT WOULD FAIL IN ITS MISSION. - FAITH MANAGES.” JMS himself that this was remain at the end of the ep no matter what.

    "This is how the world ends: swallowed in fire, but not in darkness. You will live on: the voice of all our ancestors, the voice of our fathers and mothers to the last generation. We created the world we think you would've wished for us. And now we leave the cradle for the last time." The man as Earth’s destruction.
    President John Sheridan: ...and I was wondering if they will remember us in hundred years from now or a thousand. And I figure probably not.
    Delenn: But it does not matter. We did what we did because it was right and not to be remembered. And history will attend to itself; it always does.


    1. Were you initially surprised when you realized you were watching a series of videos?
    2. Do ‘goodfacts’ sound suspiciously like newspeak or alternate truth?
    3. Which bit was your favorite?
    4. WAS John just a self-serving megalomaniac? Was Delenn’s simply his best cheerleader/
    5. Did you catch the Sheridan as Christ bit in the monk scene? He died, rose from the dead and ascended into heaven? Well, he did, didn’t he?
    6. Most people love or hate this one. Which camp are you in? Why?

    My answers to the questions:
    1. I was, even this last time. For a second I thought the DVd was corrupted. It’s been a while since I saw it.
    2. I hate it when governments or politicians twist the truth to suit their own needs. We and they all do this to an extent, I suspect, but to completely ignore the truth and change things to suit your own agenda is despicable and I see it today in our US government more than any time in my 57 years and it find it frightening.
    3. The bit with Brother Alwyn. He was very cute and reminded me of Brother Theo. I loved that the Rangers were still working to help mankind.
    4. No. He was autocratic and sometimes quite self-righteous, especially after he died, but he did what had to be done to save Earth from Clark and from a darkness that I’m not sure John even understood. Delenn’s defense of him reminded me of Libby Custer’s defense of her husband, George Armstrong Custer, until her death many years after the battle at the Little Bighorn.
    5. I kinda liked that bit. It also reminded me of Tolkien and the death and resurrection of Gandalf.
    6. I loved it because we do get to see it to the end of earth itself. I like things all tied up.


    The Lurker’s Guide to Babylon 5:
    The Babylon Project:
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    Recap and discussion for 4 x 21 – Rising Star

    I am going to do a brief recap and discussion. [personal profile] vjs2259 will post her own to replace it when she has the time to do so. She has had a death in the family and was staying with her father in Florida and was leaving before the storm so she had little time to do this recap.

    This episode ties up the loose ends, since the series, as far as they knew, was done.

    The Civil war is over.

    John has turned himself in to earth forces and is awaiting his fate.

    Susanna Luchenko is the new president.

    Franklin is making a mad dash for Babylon 5 to save Marcus from what he knows has happened.

    Marcus is all but dead and Susan is crying. She mutters the famous “All love is unrequited” line.

    Londo and G’kar are late for the meeting… Vir comes up and informs Londo that the regent is ill and he will soon be the emperor.

    Bester comes into the room where Sheridan waits and finally asks him about Carolyn Sanderson.

    John tells him she is alive and on Babylon 5.

    Garibaldi is beating up criminals as he hunts for Lise.

    Delenn is meeting with the heads of the Unaligned Worlds on her White Star and we are not yet privy to what they’re doing.

    Luchenko comes into the room with Sheridan and talks a lot about doing the wrong thing for the right reason. She finally says if he will leave RF, she will give his people amnesty and after she agrees to pout the amnesty in writing, he agrees.

    Garibaldi and a bunch of Rangers find Lise in a warehouse. She’s all right and glad to see him.

    Delenn’s ship comes into earth orbit. She talks a little to Lennier who tells her about Susan’s unrequited love speech and she assures him that this is not true. Maybe not her best idea.

    Delenn and her group arrive on Earth.

    Luchenko introduces Sheridan, who does his resignation thing. Then G’kar speaks then Delenn comes to the podium and tells them about the Interstellar Alliance. And the benefits of joining.

    The leaders meet privately and discuss this. Delenn offers artificial gravity tech and tells earth that the rangers will patrol for problems and report but will not act… Sheridan is to be president.

    Delenn joins John and brings David Sheridan with her.

    John is president. Earth joins the alliance and agrees to give Mars its independence. Michael and Lise watch from bed. She mentions needing help running Edgars Industries.

    Susan is promoted to Captain and leaves B5.

    ISN reports that Delenn and Sheridan were married.

    G’kar and Londo are talking and wondering what Delenn and Sheridan are doing and we see where G’kar’s missing prosthetic eye is…

    Delenn leaves with this:
    "It was the end of the Earth year 2261. and it was the dawn of a new age, for all of us. It was the end of one chapter and the beginning of another. The next 20 years would see great changes, great joy, and great sorrow. The Telepath War... The Drakh War... The new Alliance would waver and crack, but in the end it would hold because what is built endures and what is loved endures. And Babylon 5...Babylon 5...endures."


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