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Brr, it's definitely winter now. Snow has been marching up the country and you can smell the ice in the air. It was 10 degrees today (50 deg F) and Did Not Like. Heat is fine, cold not so much for me.

I was outside the bookshop near work and smiled when I saw it had a nice geeky window display with Harry Potter and Star Wars books, bless. I saw there were some pencils with slogans on them, so I went in and bought two that said, 'Weird and Proud' and 'Knitters Gonna Knit'. Mwaha.

The new painting I'm working on is a photo of a still life of a bowl of green limes, which I'm enjoying doing. I'm also working on knitting a shawl with a geometric design - I can see it will take me a while, and the instructions look like calculus (which I never took), but I'm determined to get there.
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Well, I recently completed a new picture at my art class called 'Lantern Festival'. It's based on a photo I took at night at a Chinese Lantern Festival a few years ago. :D

When I started the painting, I was at my usual art group at the local community centre. Then the two oldest members decided not to come any more and oh, the room rental was going up. It was decided to move the group somewhere else, but that fell through and then the tutor decided the group wasn't viable anymore.


Luckily I found another art group nearby at an art gallery (a former scout hall, actually) and it's much nicer. The fees are cheaper and the facilities are great. People have their art on the walls. I have to pay a gold coin for a cup of tea, but that's ok. It was a nice place to finish my painting.
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Right, so I got up this morning and turned on the TV just in time to see the Team New Zealand boat cross the finish line in Bermuda to win the Americas Cup. Hooray! This will be the third time we've brought the cup home.

Well done, boys, you've done us proud.
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Well, it's definitely winter now (sighs). I've got my warm clothes on and I'm currently near a heater. One thing I do like is seeing the autumn leaves; there are a lot of trees in the CBD whose leaves are various shades of gold / bronze / red right now. It also gives me an excuse to make a pudding from scratch - I recently bought a bag of cooking apples and made an apple and blueberry (from the freezer) crumble, yum.

Mothers Day was a few weeks ago and Dad & I took Mum out to lunch at Devonport, a suburb on the North Shore that always seems a step or two in the past, in a good way. I had pasta and didn't need any more meals that day. Afterwards I went to a second-hand bookshop on the main street and bought a book on archaeology that I'm still happily reading in doses. Afterwards we drove up to Mt Victoria to look at the view. Half way up I noticed this lovely old Victorian house painted various shades of green with a notice saying it was a writers residence. How lovely (sigh). We took some photos looking back to the city and I'll include one under a cut.Clicky-click... )

Movies - I recently saw 'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2' which left me wishing yet again that I had my own spaceship that could play '70's rock and whatever else I felt like. I should look at my music and make my own list of 'Spaceship Music (To Play Really Loudly Going Past Something i.e. Mars).

PS: My sympathies for Manchester, what a horrible event.
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Well, it's been nice and fine these last few days, and I've even put some summer clothes back on.

In my neighbourhood someone has this tree in their property hanging over the footpath. At this autumn time of the year the tree produces these bad-smelling berries that drop and splatter all over the footpath. I always have to remember at this time to walk on the other side of the road - and even then, the smell tries to follow you. Ugh. The owners need to waterblast the footpath immediately, and I don't say that lightly.

My aunt (mums sister) is going to get one of those kits from ancestry dot com and see what's in the family tree. Oooh, sounds fun. I had been thinking of doing that myself recently, but since she's beat me too it I'm happy to wait and see what the results are. Thanks to some family members interested in genealogy, I know that mums side is mostly English (Cornish and South England), with some Scottish and French. There's rumours of Irish and Spanish so we might find out the answer. I know I've sometimes stared at photos of my late grandad and thought, 'gee, you look a bit Spanish'.

I know the Cornish side of the family has stayed in the same area of North Cornwall since the Norman invasion because they're mentioned in the Domesday Book. It was only in the 19th century when a younger son got annoyed that he wasn't going to get anything (because, you know, younger son) so he said, 'I'm off to New Zealand... you'll be sorry...,' and came down here in a huff.
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I've created a new community here at Dreamwidth for fans of Julian May, science fiction author and her works -
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Well, this year my birthday fell on Easter Sunday. I went out to lunch with my folks to a cafe that luckily was open. I was given some slippers, some skincare products and a butterfly pendant. Oh, and chocolate. I will catch up with some friends this week and next week.

The weather has been fine, but there's that chill in the air that warns it is autumn and will be getting colder.

I've been watching the third season of Brit crime drama 'Broadchurch', with the final episode this Sunday. I just love David Tennant in one of the lead roles, barking orders in his (natural) Scottish accent. The new season of Doctor Who started yesterday... ooh, new companion. Still miss Clara, a bit.

Will be buying DVD of 'Rogue One'. Not sure about buying one of 'Fantastic Beasts' - I loved watching it at the movies, but not quite enough to buy my own copy. I'll see.
Apr. 14th, 2017 12:29 pm

Cyclone #2

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Well, New Zealand has been graced this week by another cyclone this month, but yesterday it fortunately missed Auckland. I looked at the weather last night and thought, 'gosh, it missed us by a whisker'. *Auckland wipes brow*

Unfortunately the Bay of Plenty was targeted, which includes Edgecombe, which became a lake last week because of the previous cyclone. Ugh. I think though that wind rather than rain was the problem this time.

The cyclone is heading south now... hugs to those on my f-list who need them.
Apr. 9th, 2017 04:22 pm


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Well, the remnants of Cyclone Debbie recently passed through New Zealand. The town of Edgecombe in central New Zealand copped the worst, turning into a lake when a protective wall between the town and the now over-full river came down. People had to flee, many without their pets (although animal welfare people have arrived to search for them). It wasn't so bad in my neighbourhood, though an apartment building across town had part of a hillside fall on them. No one was hurt, though.

Another cyclone is currently east-ish of the Pacific Islands but looks like coming down to make New Zealand an Easter visit. Ugh. Isn't there a way to put cyclones in the friendzone?
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Hi folks, suddenly Dreamwidth is looking that much friendlier for bloggers.

I will make the effort to move posts from my LJ over here.


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